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Day 22....Shopping!!!

I went shopping today so of course it was a great day.  My main goals were to find a new bedset since I'm going from a full to a queen bed and replace my long "pretty princess" hair fall.  I looked in Macy's, JC Penney's, Pottery Barn, and Strawbridge's with no luck on the bed set except for this beautiful Waterford comforter in a dark red brocade which was $300...yeah just for the comforter and that was on sale.  While it was gorgeous and I found it on eBay for $149, I still wasn't sure and I'm not sure I'm into buying bedding on eBay even if they say it's new.  So I started searching for Pottery Barn sets because there was the one I really liked but it was in a catalog like a year ago.  But I found it on eBay, went to PB's website and found it!  I love Pottery Barn!  Yes, I'm part yuppie or whatever they're calling those kind of people these days.  And now I'm wondering where in the hell is the Pottery Barn clock I got for Christmas!!!  I mean, it's a huge wall clock, I never hung it because I was too drunk but I'd like to where it is!

But here is my new duvet cover and shams....it's so pretty!

And I got my new fall and wee!  Strawbridge's is having a huge sale and those gorgeous Valerie Stevens brown sandals were 50% off.  I think I whined about this pair of shoes about two weeks ago when they were $115 full price.  But they had them in my size and they were half off....rock on.

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