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I ain't counting anymore...

I am not counting days sober anymore because I keep screwing up.  The thought of "I threw x amount of sober days away" depresses me too much and like they say in NA...my sobriety is just for today and not for the past however many amount of days.

I just got pissed off last Sunday and it was the proverbial straw.  But  I have made up for it....and made an appointment with a psychiatrist for Monday.  I don't know if Lexapro is right for me and even if it is, I need medication management through a psychiatrist and not my family doctor. 

I was playing with my scanner and webcam...results are my new user pic and updated gallery.  I thought I'd be doing something tonight but I must have been smoking crack.  And the sad thing is that the only reason why I asked T if he wanted to do something was because I don't have any other options.  When and if he calls me ever, I'm going to answer my phone, get through the required hellos, then ask him, "What is 5 foot 6, has red hair and hangs up?"....and then hang up.  I have John to thank for that line.  He used to end his phone calls with "What is 5 foot 9, has a 4 inch dick and hangs up?"  You couldn't be mad becasue it was funny.  But in my case, I'm really not trying to be funny.  I'm trying to make a point.

Have I mentioned lately that I cannot wait to move?!

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