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Beaches are cursed...

Do I ever have a good time when I go to an American coastline?  No.  Me = needs to stay away from the Atlantic Ocean...at least on this side of the pond.  Oh...and the shores of Lake Michigan as well.

My sister is such a bitch and my brother-in-law is a snobby dumbass.  While I love Alex and Ava, when did I sign up to make sure that one or the other of their parents takes care of them?

It was fun to hang out with Ava....she is totally girlie girl.  I painted her finger and toe nails and she had to go around and show everyone.  She's two by the way.  We made dribble sand castles on the beach yesterday.  Oh, and it is too cute when she sticks out her bottom lip so I can put lip gloss on her.

The character of Fez on "That 70's Show" was funny when Wilmer Valderama was younger but now that he's older, Fez is just plain creepy.

The movie from Great Britain where it portrays the assasination of George W. Bush is downright despicable.  I don't care who the President is but to portray him/her getting killed is ridiculous.  Get a life and why don't you try to change policy through positive means instead of negative, kid who plays too many violent video games means...

So anyway...

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