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Day 20

I worked from home today which is a good thing considering I stayed up way too late last night.  I was wish listing all these books on Amazon.com to read as research.  In my hopes to write a science fiction novel in the future, I figure I need to read up on cloning, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering.  I also found a few online articles about privatization of the military.  In my future world, wars are no longer fought by governments or on battlefields with tanks and bombs but by corporations with espionage and sabotage...and a corporate battle isn't even the main point of the plot but is the precursor to the events in the plot and why what's happening is happening.  The time period is near future (100 - 200 years from now) but for the longest time the setting was going to be New York City.  But that's been done before...a lot.  For the plot, a corporate HQ in NYC isn't practical and the idea of "hiding something out in the open" is too predictable in my opinion so I began thinking...Astra Zeneca's HQ is right down the street, DuPont's HQ is in Wilmington, and take Microsoft, Redmond is a suburb of Seattle.  So what are the suburbs going to look like in 100 years?  Office parks are bumping up to residential areas, every spare square foot along a major route is being turned into another strip mall.  

It's easy to see the East Coast turning into "the Sprawl," as in Philip K. Dick stories or as William Gibson called it, the BAMA...Boston Atlanta Metropolitan Axis.  So is Chadds Ford and West Chester going to look like South Philly in a 100 years?  All concrete, row homes, a bitch to find parking?  Will these 3500 sq ft plus, $500K new construction homes still be standing or will they be cleared for high density, lower cost housing?  Will subways be built because only the filthy rich will be able to afford personal cars and the gas to run them?  Or will we all be driving cars like the two seater in "the DaVinci Code" that run on ethanol or electricity?

A million questions....and I get to answer them all myself!!!  It's all a part of my plot to become ruler of the world!!!

The vinyl addict in me...

Considering the past few months, my last vinyl purchase hasn't been that long ago but it was an older track...Infiniti's remix of Diana Fox's "Running on Empty."  And there's this kick arse track on Nick Warren's Global Underground 28 that I must have....and I found it!  But it's in a 3 LP set and I can only order it from the UK and it's like $26 before shipping....but yeah, it's a bad ass track and I must possess it.  Nick Warren rules by the way...I'd like to hear him spin sober...I had a great time when it was him and Icey at damn, I can't even remember the name of that club in the ATL but oh well....he was GOOD.  It was like the best mix of US and UK breaks....now if Infiniti and Rennie Pilgrim had been there too, I would have died and gone to heaven.  And after some browsing...I need to get that GU: Live in Prague CD too!

Anyway...I just got back from seeing XMen 3...I liked it...I mean it was fluff.  I'm a bit ticked off there wasn't more of the guy with wings because quite frankly he was a cutie and if I were a mutant, it would be to have big, beautiful white wings like that.  Quite frankly, I'm jealous!  J/k....One of the reasons why I have my butterfly tattoo is because I wish I had wings...but back to the movie, I like how they left it open for a 4th because I like the series.  It's entertaining...and that's all I expect a movie series like that to be....and by way, Wolverine is still the original bad ass.  I like watching his fights.

And I'll use my Angel userpic in protest that he wasn't in it more!  Heh.

Day 19

Trying a new LJ client to use at work...nice
Anyway...I can't wait for lunch...I'm hungry
and I think that it is making me feel ill...and why I am wondering if I should call T back...hello! Screw him...why do I want to deal all the grief, wondering, waiting, etc that comes along with being his friend...bleh!!!!

I found this free webcam thing....

When I signed up for Comcast for internet, they sent me this free Philips FunCam....I hooked it up and put it to use....as in userpic
Since I've left work, I've gone grocery shopping, sorted out my computer desk and its contents, packed what I'm keeping and threw out a bunch of stuff...AND I just ignored a call waiting that was T while I was on the phone with my mom....he can go eat a dick.


I rule.

Day 18

Well, I made it through the weekend...3 days, no drinking, no desire to drink, AND I got a bunch of stuff done on my apartment.  I got all those suit cases and bags of clothes and other miscellaneous items cleared up, my bedroom straightened and ready to pack, and washed all the covers and inserts of my throw pillows.  I rule.

J is such a prick sometimes...unlike him, I don't give a rat's ass about anyone else's opinions on movies, music, etc.  I don't care if he thinks XMen 3 was the worst movie in the world.  Some of my favorite movies are ones people scoff at...such as "Hackers," "Billy Madison," and "54."  I do not live my life or gear my preferences to what other people think.  While me and other people joke about it, his adherence to Consumer Reports is disturbing.  You would think he works for XM, TiVo, Honda, and Lowe's because CR said that their interior paint was the best.  Apparently my Jetta is a piece of crap because CR says so.  Well, I say keep driving that damn Accord and then go jump off the cliff with the other lemmings.

Day 16...I want to see X3 dammit!

I actually got some packing done today.  I feel a bit proud of myself.  I sorted through a bunch of stuff, threw away a lot of trash, and packed up my DJ set up...let's face it...we all know I won't be using it between now and the move.

But darnit...I want to see XMen 3.  I don't want to go by myself, at least not on a holiday weekend when there's going to be droves of people, namely couples, that's going to make me all depressed about going to see a movie by myself.  Especially when some jerk-off, *cough*T*cough*, said he'd go with me.  It's not that I'm pissed that he probably went with his sister to the beach, it's that he said he'd let me know if he was and didn't.  This time, I'm not giving up on him....I'm going to be honest with myself and realize that he's not what I am looking for.  It would be great to meet a guy who doesn't live with any immediate family (except maybe his brother...I could deal with that) and has a steady job.

When I talked to him on Friday, I was getting kind of annoyed at how much he makes, he gets guaranteed raises, and wait a minute...I just calculated it out...I find it hard to believe that he gets a 25% raise every or every other year....he's full of shit.  I make above average for an IE and since I've graduated, I've increased my salary by 30% and that's over 7 years.  I've been thinking for a while he's a bit of BS'er....and that's another nail in the coffin.  But anyway...while he may make a good salary up front, someone like me has more earning potential over a longer period of time.  Ok, that's another prerequisite, I can't date anyone in a union.  It's like against my whole political outlook, work ethic, and throw in religion or whatever.

Ok, fuck it...who am I kidding, even if he called, it would never work out.  It is a waste of my time on so many levels including the one that he's dumb enough to think he can outsmart me and that stupidity blinds him from seeing that he'd be "dating up" if he were to date me.  And since stupidity is contagious, I need to run...run far and fast!!!!

Day 14

Hmmm...how would I promote Paul van Dyk so I can win that contest????  Between him and New York, the event sells itself....

But anyway, I'm getting new bedroom furniture!!  It's all dark wood, a sleigh bed, brushed nickel hardware.  My new apartment is going to be so much better than my current one.

I went to bed to take a nap last night at about 6PM and didn't wake up until 1AM...oops...T called while I was sleeping...I guess I'll try calling him today.  I'd like to see him this weekend but we'll see.

Day 13

I am working from home today because I am not in the mood to go through all the gymnastics of getting ready, etc and plus, I needed the extra sleep.  I get more done anyway when I work from home.

So he called last night...but for part of our short conversation, he was playing a video game....um, that's not cool.  I'll let it slide this time.  But to me, playing a video game while talking on the phone signals disinterest in the person you're talking to.  We'll see...

Mom and I went to Raymour and Flannigan last night to look for a dinette set for my new apartment.  I found one that would rate a 7 on my "do I really like this piece of furniture?" scale.  I'm not real big on the chairs but I could always get slip covers for them.  BUT I found a new bedroom suite that I really want.  I LOVE the bureau that goes with it.  I like sleigh beds but I'm wondering if it's going to take up too much space in that bedroom.  The whole suite is reasonably priced and there's no interest financing till 2009.  I *can* afford it but I'm debating on whether or not I want to take on another monthly bill.

2 out of 4....

I'm not real big on the "recovery" acronyms but...


One of these emotions or a combination of any of them are warning signs for a relapse...

I'm definitely lonely and tired today.  But I'm not going to drink today...I can think of a bunch of reasons why it would be a bad idea.  Being sober really makes me aware of my emotions and how they affect my actions.